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In the life of...Me

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"If you want my auto, want my autobiography...maybe just ask...Me....."


<Age:> 15
<Hair:> Brownish-Red...subject to change
<Eyes:> Green/Blue
<Location:> Fayette, Alabama
<Favorite Color(s):> Black, Blue, Green
<Favorite Band:> Evanescence, Avenged Sevenfold
<Favorite Food:> Chinese
<Favorite Singing Group:> The Talley Trio
<Favorite Store:> Hot Topic
<Favorite TV Shows:> Summerland, Higher Ground, 30 Minute Meals/$40 A Day(With Rachael Ray of course!)
<Religion:> Christian, Baptist
<Most Used Quotes:> "You're kidding...", "That's bollocks!", "Wow...I'd forgotton the first word of that sentence by the time you'd reached the last...", "I can't think of anything I'd rather hear/do/say/feel less..", "Hey, Anthea...we are sarcasm..."
<Favorite quote by a friend:> "Who do you think you're talking to or something?" -Amanda
<Attitude:> Sarcastic, & Chivalrous

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