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When you read this, you are reading about me...whether you understand it, or not. For not many understand me.

arise from darkness
call for help
no one listens
no one cares
they're all so wise
they're all too good
noses turned up
ready to drown
here come the tears
shadows fall
no more laughing
no more embarassment
no more questions
no more heartache
no more THEM
suddenly i mourn
why such guilt?
because i was worse than THEM
my ego was filled
with hatred and slyness
forgive me Father,
for i have sinned...
watching the air
seeing the stars
all the lights
all the white
planets align
celestial ballet
soft music playing
everything fading
sun beating through
alarm clock screaming
a glorious morning
busy hours
me in slow motion
ethusiasm seldom
holding onto me
gravity grips
alone in the world
exept for Him
guiding me through
keeping me safe
fighting my battle
leading the way
keep moving on
a voice on the wind
never give in
don't be like them
be different

~Dear God,
i'm sorry
for killing You
for holding the hammer
for breaking the tree
i'm sorry
for doubting You
for things i've done
for leaving You behind
i'm sorry
for pushing You away
for leaving Your way
for taking my way
i'm sorry
for letting them go
for saying nothing
for watching only
help me through this
be always with me
keep on the straight and narrow
guige me safely on
give me divine words to speak
sincerely, zacc

i look so different
from everyone else
they seem so contenet
but i'm not
i try to be so much better
and i get no where
there's nothing that i like
about you
so why
in my heart
am i longing
for you?
so i look at myself
in the mirror
heavy chains
black clothes
pale skin
unlike the other boys
nicknamed freak
witch, and wuss
i realize i look
just how i feel...

you take away my confidence
you take away my spirit
my aura and power are gone
the self-conciousness has returned
change me into something i'm not
just because you don't understand
from better to worse
in the blink of an eye
nothing feels right
everything feels wrong
the ridicule over my head
the weight on my shoulders
the laughter behind
and crudeness ahead
return sevenfold
first glance is perverted and distorted
though the outlook on like is still the same
my feelings matter no longer
and self expression is ignored
i don't look any different again
i feel more stupid than ever
my self expression meant

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